“Bears Law” Sovereign Leader Get Plea Deal

Ronnie Lee “Bear” Davis, who heads an antigovernment sovereign citizen group called “Bears Law and Forensic Science Team,” pleaded guilty last week in Polk County, Florida, to a lesser charges of battery and possession of a firearm by a convicted felon, records show. 

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Bears and the Law

Bear - FindLaw Dictionary of Legal Terms

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One who is the holder or possessor of an instrument that is negotiable—for example, a check, a draft, or a note—and upon which a specific payee is not designated.

Art Bears – LAW

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Draft law: Dangerous bears might be removed within 24 hours - Transylvania Now

Human intervention in the bear habitat can no longer exclusively explain the increase of incursions of the big game into inhabited areas, but the excessive increase in bear population can, said Romanian Minister of the Environment, Water and Forestry Barna Tánczos. Due to this, Tánczos announced that the ministry is working on a draft law, which would allow the immediate removal of dangerous bears, by shooting or transferring the wild animals within a maximum of 24 hours. The decree would be approved in July, Digi24 reports.