Office worker tells how gastric surgery at 21 stone 'cured her diabetes'

The call centre worker was desperate to shed the pounds. After piling on weight through two decades of unhealthy eating , she was unhealthy and miserable .

Alison Hammond admits she wants to lose weight but is proud to ‘get out flabby arms’

Maria admitted to being “embarrassed” when fans of Adele would mention her weight loss so she sped up the process of losing weight.“I felt a huge amount of embarrassment if I'm gonna be completely and utterly honest with you. I was already singing and a couple of people came up to me saying, ‘Have you seen Adele, how slim she is?’” Maria explained.“I really want to be honest about my journey, for everything,” Maria continued.Maria added: “This is more for help as well. To go out and not be able to show your arms, that’s just not nice.”“We all want to lose weight, especially me,” Alison replied.

Jo Cooke Weight Loss: Did She Really Lose Weight?

Not much is known about Jo Cooke's weight loss as she has never spoken about it publicly, but people noticed some changes."I got married in 1990 and was a plus size bride with no choice whatsoever but I blamed it on that day and age. Fast forward to 2012, I went dress shopping with someone who was a size 22 and was amazed at the lack of choice and comments of 'sorry but we have absolutely nothing in your size we’ll have to order in'. So I thought 'this is ridiculous I could do a better job than this'.""So, after just 12 weeks of training, having all set our own personal goals (between 1km - 10km) we are running/walking/crawling to raise the awareness of, and as much money as we can for : THE WEDDING WISHING WELL FOUNDATION""This charity helps couples with terminal or life limiting illnesses, turn their dreams into reality and create memories for those they leave behind, by organising and funding their dream wedding."

Alison Hammond praises Adele tribute's weight loss honesty after transformation

An Adele impersonator has opened up on her weight loss journey, and what led to her decision to undergo a gastric bypass - following the Easy On Me singer's own body transformation. Read More

An interview with Jo and Al

What Jo Cooke and Alison Law want you to know is this - fat girls do not sit on the sofa all day watching Jeremy Kyle and eating cream cakes.

Alison Hammond comforted as she breaks down over weight struggles

his Morning host Alison Hammond broke down in tears as she got emotional talking about her weight struggles.The presenter, 47, was comforted by co-host Dermot O’Leary and he put his arm around her while they answered viewer’s problems with agony aunt Diedre on Friday.SPONSOREDDermot and Deidrie comfort Alison This Morning's Alison Hammond as she breaks down over weight struggles

The dark side of nips and tucks

In January 2004 Jo Godley, a training consultant from Newark, Nottinghamshire, joined a slimming club. Like so many people at the beginning of a new year, she was keen to lose a bit of weight. Actually, keen doesn't even come into it. Jo was desperate. She had learned to deal with the fact that the only place she could shop for clothes was Evans, with its yards of nylon and horrible elasticated waistbands. She had learned, too, to stage manage situations at work where she simply could not fit her behind into the relevant chair (at conferences she would stay standing or turn and flee, on the pretext of illness). No, the final straw came after she had the second of her daughters, when she would find herself marooned on the floor long after she had finished changing a nappy or building a tower of bricks. 'It was awful,' she says, softly. 'I just couldn't get up.'